A naughty poem i wrote ten years ago.


I loosen my tie as if to unwind
I feel the sweat, dripping making me wet
I pace to and fro so as not to show
This undeniable physical reaction to nature's call.
I'm thrown back like Adam before the fall
Lost in a trance to Eve's blinding Lull.

It's raining outside but i'm hot all over
I,m scared to speak, struggling to recover
Surely it must be obvious
to anyone who is curious
I'm plagued with riotous thoughts
This clogged feelings lumped in clots.

I feel ashamed yet elated deep inside
Frightening emotions peeling off my hide
sweet voice like lullaby singing in my ear
I stand rooted by my side, quaking in fear
Without knowing my hands move to my belt
I cant help it, my eyes sending pelts.

Soon she stops reading, sensing some tension
Liquid brown eyes look at me for vision.
She raises her voice to repeat her question.
Sir, what's that bulge shooting out of your pants.