Serena like you have never seen her.

Serena Williams is a 5 ft 9inches Black Amazon, she is literally one of the strongest Tennis players to have ever played the game, her sixteen year run in tennis  is, in the words of Sports Illustrated, “one of the most sustained careers of excellence in the history of athletics.”

Imagine my surprise when this picture surfaced proving that she is not only strong and powerful on the tennis court, the woman is also flexible…..(dang somewhere out there in the world a man is hyperventilating to these pics ).
 (New York Magazine)
The pictures are on the latest issue of New york times Magazines where the narrative article touches on her new HSN fashion line and breaks down every thing Serena is in Tennis.

What Serena and her sister have managed to accomplish in Tennis and sports for African Americans is mind blowing,

If she  wins the U.S. Open next month, she will have swept all four grand slams in a calendar year, cementing her reputation as the greatest women’s player of all time and making her a serious contender for the greatest athlete of her generation.All the trophies , all the wins the article also portrayed a part of Serena the public rarely sees, just a young fashionable woman navigating a career outside the one she currently dominates because even if it's been a fantastic long career, she knows this is not going to last forever.

True African Goddess...

Source: New york Magazine.