The Descendant's Tale VI


The effect of not being at work for three weeks was beginning to tell on Nnamdi's finances, he had lost three contracts and was on the verge of losing another, his partners were worried and were threatening to end their business relationship if he did not turn things around, Nnamdi was short tempered, grumpy and at a loss on what to do .

Unlike his ancestor , Odibo’s family did not have any secluded store house where the other half could be found , they were clueless on the next step to take. His sister Mary had advised him to go see her parish priest with the gold found, she believed that if they prayed and poured holy water on the discovered golden egg their problems might go away.

Nnamdi was not in the mood to take chances, it was clear that this egg was stolen and had to be returned, there was no other way out. Staring at his early family pictures another emotion began to creep at Nnamdi’s skin, Grief and misery had arrived.

Odibo barged into Nnamdi’s flat two weeks after they had returned from the village bursting with energy, “Guy because you have a key to my flat doesn’t mean you can come in here any time” .
Nnamdi had rushed out of the shower with an iron thinking a thief or intruder had burst into his flat.
”ND first of all put some clothes on, I don’t want to see your ass first thing this morning" Odibo Chastised with a grin, " Second thing if I be thief na iron you for  use attack me,,mehnnn anyway I have thought about the way out?”
 Covering his privates with his hands Nnamdi went to put on his boxers whilst Odibo laid down his idea, 
“My company is sending me to port Harcourt to go and do some research on some minerals discovered near there, I figure I would use that opportunity and get to my village I have an idea where my namesake would have hid his own egg”
“where else the shrine, I asked my aunt if that shrine the dickhead built for that woman is still there and she said yes, its right there in my family compound”.

 This was the best news Nnamdi had heard so far, “of course the shrine I am coming with you.” 
“no mehn you know you are having money problems you need to stay here ,  Irabor is taking advantage of you not being around to scheme you out of a lot of things, there is even talk of your major partner being approached by Irabor, you need to stay here and keep your eye on the ball.” 

Odibo was right, that snake Irabor whom he had mentored straight from school a couple of years back  had been making many moves against him, He had abrubtly resigned from his company and was now scheming away his customers one by one. He had already lost two contracts to him and with this rumor going round he could not lose his major partner, he was grateful he had a friend like Odibo to keep him in check.
“I don’t know how to ever repay you Odibo, you have been a great friend.” Nnamdi blurted out , sitting down on his sofa with relief.
“yeah I know " Odibo responded excitedly, "you could give me that fine girl’s nos that lawyer that looks like an Ethiopian model, mehn that babe is hot guys are no longer dating right..” shaking his head Nnamdi reached out for his phone book.

Nnamdi was bored, he wondered why he had allowed his friends drag him to the club after work, he was tired , worried that he had not heard from Odibo and grumpy from lack of sleep, his dreams had taken on a more dramatic turn these days , most times he was scared to sleep at night. 

It had been four days since Odibo traveled to Port Harcourt , and excluding  the phone call he had gotten from him from  the Air port his best friend had not called him to give him an update on his search for the  other egg, he was beginning to think he was gradually losing his mind. Refilling his glass with another shot of vodka he wondered how long he would stay here before he escaped, just then a a finger  tapped him familiarly on the shoulder.
”ND kai its been a while , I haven’t seen you since..since you know the funeral” it was Tunde his late brother’s colleague and close friend. 
‘Tuneee how now, you know how it is. Work is crazy”
 “yeah how are you holding up, you don’t look too good my friend.”
 Nnamdi shrugged, his looks were the last thing on his mind these days. 
“listen something has been bothering me about your brother’s death” Nnamdi’s ears picked up, 
“really what?”
 “there was this girl he had been seeing, he was infatuated with her almost obsessed but I didn’t see her at the funeral.”
 “that’s not surprising maybe she couldn’t stand it, too painful” 
“ no that’s the thing, Chudi met her in school, she was a fresher, a  medical student , extremely beautiful, not a face or body one could ever forget but she seems to have vanished into thin air, nobody knows where she is.” 
Nnamdi’s body tensed up. “This lady did she have long black hair?” Nnamdi queried , remembering the woman he had been seeing in his dreams.
 “you know these women and their fake hair you don’t know which one is real or fake" Tunde shrugged, "
but she always had beautiful hair, and those  eyes....look she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life, I am just surprised chudi never mentioned her to you". 

Nnamdi remembered the woman in his dreams and the old man’s words in the cave
 “do you lust for her like your brother and everybody else who died did?’
 He immediately thought of Odibo. It was obvious who she was, Death's mistress, he rushed out of the club leaving Tunde confused,He had to find his best friend fast before she did.