Bringing your relationships into Social Media.

Social Media is arguable one of the best tools for Millennial’ s   of today… if  you don’t know who a millennial is then I probably don’t know how to start with you.
I don’t know how it started for you guys but for me it started with the old ones. Hi5, Black Planet, and all those pen pal sites, I was excited at the thought of meeting people from different parts of the world outside my immediate environment, it was exhilarating.

I was obsessed with the internet, I would be at the cyber café at odd hours doing nothing but chatting, catching up with celebrity gossip, sending mails (wait I still do that don’t i?) but when Facebook came that was the turning point.

 I suddenly reconnected with all my friends who abandoned me and went to the States and different parts of the world to school , if we bought new outfits we would post it, when we went out we would post it…snap…snap…snap Social media became a vanity propellant.

I just loved getting those comments on Facebook and I loved the attention (hey I am being honest), and the drama that followed the relationship status. Facebook slowly turned into a dating site, people were rushing into the site to hook up, Facebook has created loads of marriages, children, hook ups, friendships and sadly kidnapping, fraud and also deaths which brings me to the negative part .

Social Media can expose you to the good and bad out there and some of the bad are really evil.
With all this it still baffles me that people would bring their relationship drama to social media, relationships are hard enough on their own and with your inner circle but to throw everything out to the public who don’t know you or care about you to digest?

I mean it was bad enough when you just had Facebook with the its complicated relationship status, and the annoying epilogues some people used to drop on their profile when a relationship goes sour, but at least majority of their Facebook friends might actually be family and friends but geez on Twitter and Instagram it’s like a dam has burst and people won’t stop with the relationship updates.

They @ each other and say the meanest most vile things forgetting that they are broadcasting these things to the whole world and the evidence will always be there, they fight, they curse, they accuse, I mean have a lot of people seriously lost their minds!?

Now look Dakky will confess, I did change my relationship status from “in a relationship” to “its complicated” to “single” on Facebook but I was in my late teens/ early twenties what’ s your excuse?
At least I never called names, I never wrote unnecessary epistles targeted at my so called mortal enemy /ex boyfriend, I never dragged people’s names through the mud like most married, divorced and Exes do nowadays, fully grown adults who should know better spitting out vile words on social media to your ex husband/baby mama/baby daddy /husband e.t.c It is wrong.

When they are all fired up they let their fingers do the talking and when the insanity leaves they want to kiss and makeup ….hey you have already invited the whole public into that situation don’t you think they will never let you guys hear the end of it?
At the end of the day I enjoy social media , Twitter is like therapy for me and INSTAGRAM is like…yeah it’s a Vanity propellant but you need to understand, Relationships are between two people keep the public out of this.

P.S I Blame Chris Brown #enoughsaid.