Dear Diary.....I want a Divorce.

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I sat down in my fathers house, Eight months pregnant, fat , grumpy and pissed as hell, Maximilian had crossed the line this time around and i would never go back to him.

It all started last month when I found a crumpled complimentary card in Maximilian's shirt, I had been making an attempt to do the laundry which had been piling up for weeks, I actually believed that My husband would change once my Pregnancy got to its late stage and start helping out around the house, but it seemed like the bigger my tummy grew the more Maximilian found every excuse to be away from the house.
At first i was upset but  in recent months  i began to accept that my overgrown baby of a husband was just not the nurturing type. He probably knew that if he stayed in the house i would ask him to do some house chores so he was always "working late" these days , Personally i didn't even mind anymore at least his friends had stopped trooping in to my house like a bunch of monkeys I finally had some peace and quiet.

So there I was,  trying to sort out the clothes to put in the washing machine when a piece of crumpled paper fell out from his trousers. it was a complimentary card, without hesitation i picked it to read, i needed  to confirm if i should thrash or save it,  I  was shocked at what i saw.

"Lillian Dokubo head Market Office  Byrce Fun House" I read out loud, " Bryce Fun House!!" I exclaimed aloud to no one in particular , that name sounded like the name of a strip club, laundry abandoned i wobbled as fast as i could and googled the name.of that establishment on my phone. sure enough i was correct it was listed as a restaurant and bar in Ikeja. I was so angry i literally began to hyperventilate, so whilst i carried his baby, dragging myself like a whale from the office to the house, to the market and back , Maximilian was gallivanting around town with women that worked in Night clubs. This night he would definitely feel my full wrath.

Like clockwork he walked in by Eight P.M to change his clothes before he headed out for his nightly escapades, he almost jumped out of his skin when he walked in and saw me sitting in the dark in the Parlour.

"Babe you startled me..." he began sheepishly trying to charm me with that boyish smile of his,   I looked at him venomously as he plucked down on the sofa and started taking off his shoes, going on and on about some stupid topic i was not interested in,
" You are a fool " I blurted out ,cutting him off mid sentence.
"What did you say?"
" I said you are a fool, a big , stupid , idiotic fool"
I dragged out each word, my anger boldly contained in each insult, i was shaking with anger.
He was confused and i liked him confused, i was not ready for the fabrications  he was going to spin through his lying teeth once he found out exactly what i was talking about. best to catch him unawares.
" So while i drag myself around  this house, Seven months pregnant still doing all the house work, with no help from you, you are busy  Philandering all over the place with prostitutes."
" Kate stop this, you will not throw out baseless accusations ....."he began calmly ,  for some unknown reason this infuriated me further, now he wanted to act mature , Not tonight.
" Shut up, don't talk to me like a child !!" I screamed, " I am not a child, i saw her complimentary card, that's how you will be going from one night club to the next like an irresponsible fool... '

I can't remember who got up first, as a matter of fact i cannot remember who threw the first punch but what i do remember was the sick feeling of falling to the ground  as Maximilian's fist connected with my face. Everywhere suddenly went blank. when i regained consciousness the first thing i reached out for was my stomach, luckily my baby was not harmed. Maximilian had called my mother as soon as the incident happened  but had not shown his face at the hospital ever since. I didn't care to know if it was because of the embarassment, or the fear to face my mother all i knew for certain was that i was not going to go back to that house.
Once i was discharged i went straight to my fathers house,If for nothing i was going to have this baby in peace, i did not need the kind of negative energy Maximilian brought with him.

That was four weeks  ago, Maxmillian had resorted to coming over to my house everyday to beg me since i stopped picking his calls, I was unmoved . Today  he had  brought his mother i was not interested in what she had to say, nor her biased spin on what happened, i was unperturbed when she started cautioning me on my words , on how i should use my words to build and not destroy , that my insults may have pushed her son to act out of character. i almost bit my lips in anger as y response was already on the tip of my lips. it does not matter what i said or what i did or did not do  , Maxmillian had no right to hit me especially in my condition, i was Seven month pregnant for Pete sake when that man hit me like i was a rag doll .

I shook my head in defiance,  my mother unable to contain her emotions began to respond my mother in law's  so called counsel, At this point i didn't really care what anyone in this room had to say, the time was up Dear Diary i want a Divorce.