Chapter 2 The Dance with the Alpha

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For my readers here i decided to share Chapter 2.


David was Sixteen when his father came for him, His mother had grown increasingly distant towards  him as he grew up, The closer he got to this father the more she withdrew from him.

She had never been an openly affectionate parent in the past, but as his fathers visit increased she became less cordial and rarely acknowledged his presence in the house.
She would leave notes on the fridge telling him the timetable for the day, which were basically  meals to eat and emergency numbers to call when she was out but that was the extent of their daily communication, David had to learn to be self dependent, he never celebrated birthdays, or took lunch to school like his peers, his mother was always out of the house.
So he was shocked when she walked into his room and sat on his bed on his Sixteenth Birthday.

"Olusegun" she began barging into his room,
he removed his head phones staring at her in shock, she had never used his Nigerian name to address him since he turned ten and he couldn't remember the last time she spoke to him.
"Ma" he responded softly.
"Listen there is something i need to discuss with you " she began nervously , fiddling with her fingers as she sat across him on his bed. He could see the worry lines creasing her fair skin , his mum was almost the opposite of his Dad , petite with a small frame , strong beautiful features accentuated by a soft demeanor, where she was soft his father was hard, his features were all brawn and muscles appearing giant like at  6ft 2 inches of him. David had just turned sixteen but standing tall at 5ft 11 inches he was sprouting up so quickly  it appeared that he would take after  his father in almost everything.

"Your father just called he is coming to pick you"
"Are we going hunting?"
"No ..erm he is coming to take you to his know to live with him."

David was stunned. Sixteen years of literally interacting with a stranger who showed up once every month to take him hunting, suddenly he was coming to take him to his house.
David suspected that it may be as a result of what was growing inside him, since the day he went hunting with his bare fingers he had began noticing a few changes in his body.
His hearing was abnormally good, he could hear voices whispered at long distances if he concentrated , at times he could hear strange voices coming from inside him, voices of something within , His appetite was also not normal, he was always hungry , demolishing large portions of meals in minutes, he had no friends so there was no one he could really talk to about the changes in his body, perhaps this was his chance to get answers.

"I know i have not been the best of friends with you but you must understand i tried my best"
Davis said nothing, no words were needed, she had  literally abandoned her own son for more than six years and this was her definition of giving her best .
"the truth is i was scared"
"Scared mama?" he queried , "Of what"
"Scared of you...of what your father could turn you into, you see your father is not what he appears to be"
"what he appears to be?" he repeated confused, the sound of a truck skidding to a halt in front of their  house interrupted the conversation as his mother jumped up nervously.
she stared at him for a minute with tears welling up in her eyes.
"David ..Olusegun" she muttered softly, " remember that there is good in you, hold on to the good, never let the Bad take over." her chest had started heaving and the tears flowed freely down her cheeks, David got up and hugged his mother to him for the first and last time.
"I love you ma" His fathers voice screaming his name cut through the emotional moment.
"David Tsilugi waya! pack your things, you are coming home."

Coming into the reservation in Arizona the first thing David noticed was that everything seemed smaller, the houses appeared to be less lascivious as the ones he saw in Phoenix where he had grown up, his father kept a stern face on the wheel as they drove by, ignoring the curious faces of people passing by as they glared at him. he didn't know much about his fathers family but from what he gathered from his mother  his father was married with children.

They stopped in front of a massive mansion and David could not contain his surprise , could could this be his father's house? before he even voiced a question his father cut in angrily, "come and meet my Alpha."

"Alpha?" David wondered silently, "maybe that was code name for  mayor " he thought to himself , they got down and met two stern looking guards at the entrance, they were equally as big and brawny as his dad and stared at him with contempt
"what is this half breed doing here?" one asked roughly, David felt the hackles rise from his skin.
"Half breed?" his fathers strong hands gripped him prevented him from lunging at him, he replied roughly daring further talk.
" He is my son" , 

they raised their eyebrows and let them through, the house was fair compared to all the other houses they had seen on the drive here, the furniture was old but tasteful, chandeliers hung from the massive ceiling leading up to large murals of paintings that filled the ceiling. The house felt warm and old as if it has stood here for a very long time and harbored ghosts and secrets passed from decade to decade.

David suddenly felt the hairs on his skin stand up, he felt as if something was taking over his body, without thinking he felt his body rise  up, taking an aggressive stance he stared
viciously  at the man making his way towards them. A part of him was confused he had no idea why he was behaving this way, The man paused a few feet away staring at him comically and continued walking towards them, without warning David started growling a low guttural angry growl coming from beneath his chest.

The man walked confidently ignoring the warning noise coming from David's aggressive stance. He looked to be in his mid forties, strands of white hair decorated his long black hair which he had tied in a ponytail , his features were sharp, he was above six feet, broad shoulders well defined under a   loose T shirt and jeans , his ripped muscles flexed as he walked giving an impression of a man well accustomed to physical activity, he had a large necklace decorated with  decayed tooth and what appeared to be different feathers on his neck, from what he could see the man was not threatening to him but the thing inside him would not stop growling.
"Shilah... this is your son you talked about" the man gestured as he clasped Davids fathers hands, both men stared at the growling teenager with amusement in their eyes as his father nodded.
"Yes this is my son" 

At this point the thing inside David was no longer growling quietly it was now making large noises that threatened to collapse his throat, David could feel the spit dropping down from his lips , his fingers had formed into fists , his whole body was vibrating.

"his wolf is strong" The man commented  noncommittally, David could see from the side of his eye that the noise he was making had attracted a crowd, the guards stationed in front had come in and two others had moved in from the back, David could only pray that this man who had caused him this un explainable discomfort would just move away so he could stop making noises like a wild animal.
"how old is he?" The man continued ,
"he just turned Sixteen"
"Sixteen and the wolf is already this sensitive...hmnn you must be proud"

"Proud  ? , what were this men chatting about, he was acting like a Rabid dog" David thought to himself
suddenly the man started walking towards him, the growling became unearthly high , David began to feel claws biting through his hands.
"Enough!!" The man said with authority , the silence in the house was deafening as David felt himself slowly regaining control of his senses.
he grabbed David by the ear and pulled him roughly towards him until their faces were a few inches apart.
"I am your Alpha and you will never show disrespect towards me again"

David heard himself whimper as he nodded fearfully, The man looked into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity before enveloping him in a warm hug.
"welcome home little wolf."

David sighed in relief as he felt all the  tension leave his body.his mind suddenly registering something uncanny....they had called him wolf again.