LOVE TRIANGLE (A tale of Love , Lies, Heartbreaks and Deception)

 The Vampire Diaries: Elena, Damon e Stefan

At work we have this interactive platform, where colleagues are encouraged to express themselves freely, well apparently one of my colleagues wanted to air something off his chest and wrote this interesting piece of Fiction, I was captivated by his write up and Dakky could not let it go, thus began this amazing heart breaking story of love, lies, heartbreaks and deception.
The story has definitely taken a life of its own and many characters might pop up as people respond, so prepare for updates on this story.
Makes for quite a good read.

Two friends who worked together fell in love but after a night of hot passion the lady transferred out to another office, she cut off all communication with her friend turned lover and this is the series of  Letters that has emanated from that interaction.

First Letter:

Dear Wendi, 

I am fine most of the time, but you see, it's those hours between 2 and 4am when the silence is so loud and all i ignored in the day comes rushing back. By 5, i hear your voice in my head, it bounces off the walls of this empty house ...then i'm reminded of how full of you my aching heart is.

I am finally learning to make peace with the things that give me none... white flags than blue ribbons...

Its 6am and the shower has failed once again to wash away my pain... Mirror mirror on my wall, you above all have seen my flaws, you have seen my sores while my demons scream "Encore!" 

Dearest Wendi.. one of my favorite things in this world was watching you talk about the things you love. Your eyes are filled with so much fire and i want to burn in them. one of my favorite things in this world was watching you talk about the things you love .. even though none of those things are me.

What if i told you that you smell nice and my lips would fit nicely with yours?
What if you stripped and did a Seyi Shay for me because i'm damn Beautiful? 
what if you actually left cos i'm worth more than that half assed loving? 
what if i loved you and you loved me too? 

why do i look at you like the sun rises and sets just for you.. you do not know that in this world i exist in, you are my sun and this shit is all for you..

i don't think words are enough, but come... let me write you stories that my lips are unworthy to speak... with eyes shut and soul open. i'll learn you like a book, tracing each line with my finger tips... down the scars on your skin... punctuation would come with a kiss...just to show you that you and i are were made for greater tales than this.

My Best memory of you still remains last October... the crisp air of an October morning, blanket over our bodies, head on my shoulder, fingers intertwined, muffled laughter, alcohol breath and the pointless whispering....On that balcony, You Loved me. 

I do miss you, Much more and much more.

Second Letter: 

Dear Marvin.....

I start my days lethargic and despondent, consumed by thoughts of you, I fall into the same routine as my alarm clock wakes me up, i stare at myself in the mirror, straighten my spine and put on the best act ever. To pretend that I am happy without you.

The shower is my sanctuary, therein I let go of all my worries, soaked and bathed in body shampoo that no one knows I bought just because of you.

Its scent lingers on my skin, like a soft feathery invisible mark to my kin, remembering when you forced this brand into my shopping cart telling me soap bars were too harsh on my skin and you only used this product.

In here I begrudge myself a moment of weakness, memories of our encounter blend with the hot steam and wrap around my bodice, but as soon as I close the shower curtains I shut the door to what could have been,

I pretend that the voice on the radio does not remind me of yours, teasing and soothing dragging out my innermost thoughts.

I pretend not to see the eatery that sells your favorite fish as I drive by on my way to work. Recollecting how you would rub your belly in delight after a hearty meal of fish and chips.

I pretend not to feel the scratches on my dashboard, recollecting how I had forced your hand in a dare to write your initials on the passenger side of my car.

My new boss even reminds me of you, not in that special intimate way that only you and I seem to have discovered, but in the way he would drag out the first syllables in my name calling me Ween-dii instead of Wen-di.

With you I found it uncharacteristically cute , hiding the lopsided grin that would appear on my face as I corrected you endlessly, with him I found it repugnant, Bristling with anger , fisting my hands to the side to control myself from lashing out.

We were fire….not the destructive uncontrolled force that burnt forests to the ground, but the fire that spreads heat into the skin, warming the insides of a human body and curling its toes.

You were water….like an ocean your presence calmed my restlessness, your touch melted the tiger that lashed out within me whenever I was under pressure.

I was your garden…patiently you approached me weeds and all, guiding me, mentoring me until my flowers blossomed, transforming my once belligerent attitude into attractive maturity.

That October night I knew I had to leave, for months we had walked on the ropes of friendship until consumed by alcohol and desire we had leapt into temptation and was consumed by its fire.

It was …one of the best memories I could ever have, and yet it was the climax to everything we had shared.
As I lay content in your arms I knew this would be the end, for in crossing the line you had taken my heart, forced it out and held it in your arms.

I could not spoil your happy mood, I could not mutter these words that I am about to pen down, so I fled.
I fled because Marvin I am not your Juliet, I am not the soul mate you desperately called for in your eyes, I cannot be…because I am promised to another.

Sincerely Sorry 

Third Letter To Wendi's Fiancee
 Good Afternoon Anthony,

You have to be everything i am and everything i'm not, then you have to be a bit more. We all accept the love we feel we deserve... you Anthony do not deserve my Wendi. Yes! i'm sure this is a bit shocking for you, but i'm also sure she is reading this with you, Hello Wendi.

I am made of all the things you're too afraid to feel, i seep in slow until i flood veins, drop by tiny drop and then all at once. I drowned her fears and she came floating on same tides that pulled her under. 

Everything's not ok but there's nothing to be ashamed of. we all do a little falling apart sometimes so we can watch whats left fall in place. My soul has been colored pitch black, my heart, a heavy rock thudding quickly against my chest.. My skin, i wish to shed and break free of.... my tears, burning trails down my cheeks. My mind,a vagabond cursed with unsettled emotions. My days, lost battles in a grasp for sanity and peace. My nights, journeys through tunnels of hurt and nothingness. My smile, how i wish i remember how to.

Anthony, one day you will be loved without excuses, pledges, terms and conditions. you will not be an afterthought or reduced to shrug or a meantime. you will cease to wonder why you aren't ever good enough. One day, in the middle of the most random things, you will look at them and not feel all the uncertainties anymore...and you will see that you are thoroughly deserving of the love you so freely give. 

I cannot fight the sins of her father, but i can confront yours. That i forgave does not trivialize the weight of the wrong done to me.. that it was grave does not also give me the right to dangle these sins over your heads.The truths we need to tell ourselves are the hardest to swallow, especially the ones that rid us of our secret sins and favorite addictions.. Tell her about Abraham and how you love him so..

i am sure you are reading this alone now, i also know you have friends in high places that can bite down hard. Her letter gave me hope... and the best thing you can give a man in love is hope. I have friends in Low places and the have done their homework.

Thanks Anthony, i hope to see her soon.

Fourth Letter from a Mysterious Third Party  

Dear Marvin,

There’s something different about you, there’s a look in your eyes. It says true love has finally found you and that was when it hit me, I would never be but the other woman.

Your smile has gone cold and I can only imagine the thoughts running wild in your head. Where there were laughter and plenty banter, echo rules and the memories we once shared, now seem like a dream slowly fading away.

I blame myself for letting you leave on that fateful October night. We had quarrelled as always because of the one you referred to as only a friend. You were furious, I know, but my pride would not let me apologise. All I wanted was to cling to you and beg, as you picked up your car keys to leave, yet the demon in me pinned me down with its pitch fork, as I watched you storm out of the door.

‘He would be back… just like he always does’ I consoled myself but deep down, something about your gait warned me that that would be the last time I would see you… the real you. It’s almost summer now but why do I feel the cold chilly wind of winter, seeping slowly into my heart?

I should have left your laundry alone pfft, my lame attempt to act the good wife. Wendy, is it? Wow, talk about poetic justice. I held your letter with shaky hands as I heard my trust shatter a million miles across the floor. It’s been months but my heart still skip every time I pick up the laundry or stand in front of the machine. I deserved it I know but will this burning sensation ever end? 

I’ve cried, I’ve moaned but this depression just won’t let me be. I heard from Anthony this morning, how brutal and callous of you. Yes, you would walk the wire for her but let me remind you, it was so not your secret to tell. By the time you read this I would be gone, along with Junior and Winnie because they deserve so much more.

One day you will look at my empty seat, where I sat waiting for you to see me. Then it will hit you, you let me go and now you are all alone. You will be filled with what could have been and what should have been… and I will be out there proving to you that I knew my worth all along.

Your wife,