The Queen and the Lycan

Hey guys so i just joined this site wattpad, anyone who truly knows me knows that i am a werewolf/vampire that can kind of lore lover.

I finally decided to start writing my first book on this genre of course with a little twist , i will be introducing new beings and changing up the whole werewolf folklore.

I am a little nervous but whats the new year without a challenge. if you are on wattpad pls follow dakkylove to get the first updates on this story.

I will of course be posting chapters on this blog but that may be way after wattpad.

Please read the synopsis here:


A restless Ex Marine journeys to the dessert of Matigwe in Africa to find peace, plagued by a dark past and fighting his inner demons he is desperate to run far away from his roots.

Struggling to deny his werewolf cravings, he  unknowingly  feels a magnetic pull towards an African Queen,

Transfixed by her beauty and helpless to fight his urge to protect her he becomes entangled in a war between Good and Evil.

Please follow the link to read the Prologue if you cant wait for me to post it here.

Thoughts anyone.