Ten ways to celebrate Valentines day without breaking the Bank.

Guys its Five more days to Valentines day , for all the players in the house i know you have been hyperventilating since we entered the month of February  but you will get no empathy from me, you made your bed so sleep on it. Good luck trying to cough out gifts for your numerous girlfriends this season.

Now for my monogamous romantic lovers, yes dears stop fussing around i understand that there is a recession and i agree with you that sharing your love should not be limited to one day in the week.
but being thrifty might not be the best option on Valentine's Day ,household peace should be your priority.
If there is one occasion that preys on your heartstrings and equally on your purse strings, it is this one.
In fact i share your rebellious sentiment that you should not follow the crowd and spend ridiculously for one day in the year because everyone is doing it....so i decided to search for my research glasses and get you these few tips to celebrate valentines day with a small budget.

Between the roses, assorted chocolate, gifts and restaurant reservations we end up swiping our cards more than we want to for all those romantic gestures (for household peace again).
But don't let finances stop you from having a romantic Valentine's Day. With proper planning, an inexpensive yet meaningful celebration is within your reach.

1. Go to the beach
Depending on where you live and the weather, you can plan inexpensive dates like going to the beach.
You can drive down to the beach with some packed treats ,a nice bottle of wine and a dose of your charming self.
You may have to go the less public beaches and pay a stipend for entry but that is  less crowded to give you that needed privacy. Pack a picnic hamper, occupy one of the beach shelters and enjoy some romantic time without burning a hole in your pocket.

2. Feel like a getaway?
Can’t afford to spend on a hotel room? Try swapping homes with your friends. *This is a tip for newly married couples } This is surely a test of true friendship but if you have a friend who will not be in town and doesn't mind you and your significant other playing Romeo and Juliet at their crib feel free to make that call. Watching a video at someone else’s house changes the atmosphere and the mood. 
Random: you might want to stay in the guest bedroom and not the master bedroom so you don't overstretch their hospitality.

 3. Make a dinner and pamper your lover. 
Candles and Valentine's Day go hand in hand.
Prepare a romantic dinner at home for your Valentine by cooking a favorite meal. Play romantic music and decorate with some flowers if you can.
You can start with sending her sweet messages through out the day reminding her of how beautiful she is and how you want to serenade her with love as soon as she gets back...hmnn..yummy and rush back early from work or wherever, buy scented candles and run her a hot bath as soon as she gets back from work or whatever, put on an apron and prepare her a sumptuous meal that she will never forget,if you don't know how to cook well buy her a nice meal and pretend to at least warm it. set the tablewith a bottle of wine or juice whatever is your preference and enjoy. I would actually recommend   beet salad and then move onto chicken cacciatore with a side of penne with vodka sauce.  finish with strawberries, whipped cream and red velvet cake but you know i like oyibo food so moving on.

 4. Long drives
This can be quite tricky if you are in a metroplitan city like Lagos with a notorious amount of traffic, but if you are in a less populated city you can drive out with your lover and take them on a trip down memory lane, perhaps to the location where you guys first met, or where you had your first kiss or where she used to live, just driving and having meaningful conversations with your lover can be more precious than buying a gift she may not appreciate anyway.
5. Get physical
For those of us who work in a 9 to 5 this valentine day falls on a week day but we can always celebrate by the weekend in engaging in some form of physical activity.Go for a walk, hike, or bike ride. Remember, exercise release endorphins, so you'll get to enjoy each other's company in the great outdoors.
Make sure you stop and take in the scenery around you, especially sunrises and sunsets. These are some things that money can't buy.

. 6. Movie/Music at home
Prepare in advance for this one  create a CD with love songs that you and your loved one can enjoy together. or you can watch  your all-time favorite movies together, you can  turn your living room into a movie theatre with popcorn and the right atmosphere .
Sharing a delicious take away and a great film with your Valentine is fun, simple and intimate.
Light candles, cover the table with a pretty tablecloth, and put on some relaxing music. After dinner, make some popcorn together and throw on a movie you both love. If you can't find common ground, settle on a movie for each of you.

7. Play board games.
Don't want to cook? No problem. Order take-out from your favorite diner or restaurant and enjoy a night of board games. Or make up your own games.
Maybe you can create a financial game to see how much you know about saving and investing your money. After all this entire exercise is all about saving money.
......This is not for me though.

8. Visit Parks and Gardens
Ok i know for my Lagosians this might be a hard one to fathom but readers in other demographics might be able to achieve this, make use of the natural atmosphere available in parks and gardens, you can take treats and take pictures to remember the special day.

9. DIY gifts
Arrange a heart shaped photo display on a wall for your spouse or children. Pay special attention to color. You want it to look as visually appealing as possible.
You're never too old to play games and have fun. Take turns writing down love notes to each other on small pieces of paper.
Then hunt them down based on clues you give to each other. You can make this an event or simply hide them throughout the day for a surprise find when you least expect it.
Grab a couple of romantic poem books and spend a lovely evening reading each other #words of love. You'll probably find poems that will help you rediscover your love for each other or leave you creating a new bond over shared laughter at corny poems.

10. Celebrate the day before or after.
You don't have to celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14; you could celebrate before or after.
It may be cheaper and less crowded to do so. There are chances that some restaurants may hike the price on Feb 14, so cash in before or after 14th. Plus, you won't have to fight the crowds or get frustrated trying to find a parking spot.
Remember that there's more to Valentine's Day than whisking the one you love away for a romantic getaways.
Whatever you do, irrespective of no fee, you'll still spend something.
Why not cozy up on the couch, share a muffin over a movie and gift a phone card to one unfortunate person who's away from his Valentine.

Ok guys enjoy your lovers day, be safe, be responsible, and my consultation fee will be sent to your emails.