Richard smiled at his neighbors as he made his way back to his house in Surulere, running in the morning always put him on such a high he couldn’t stop smiling at every one. The community here was always so friendly none of them knew he was a policeman and he liked to keep it that way, they hardly ever saw him in his uniform and his car was tinted.

His family had been shocked when he had announced that he wanted to return to Nigeria to work in the police force, he had spent the last fifteen years of his life in the United States of America studying Forensic science, eight years after graduation he had worked as an evidence custodian in one of the Law enforcement agencies in America but last year he had experienced a personal tragedy that changed the course of his career.

His fiancée had  cheated on him with his one of his friends, it was devastating, Richard had devoted five years of his life to this woman , moving towns , changing jobs only to come home early from work to meet his fiancée in bed with one of his close friends from college, after that he had literally shut down.
He had wandered into a Nigerian town hall event hosting some dignitaries in Houston and met the current AIG of the Lagos West Zone, He had convinced him to come back to Nigeria, pleading that the Nigerian police force needed fresh hands it was a no brainer for him because he was literally desperate to change scenery, three months after he had relocated back to Nigeria and had not looked back since.

Richard had been watching the news when his phone rang, he looked at his watch it was 6.30 a.m , he  wondered who could be calling at this time , he almost jumped out of his skin when he saw it was his boss.
“Richard head to the Medina’s residence right now !” a curt voice snapped at the other line, Richards breathing stopped for a minute he was going to see her again.

He drove into the Medina Residence with apprehension written all over his face, he never could get over the opulence he witnessed whenever he stepped into the compound, several armed men stood all over the main entrance, he counted almost Ten of them, it had been over a month since he had driven out of the residence, last time he didn’t remember seeing this much security, he wondered if something bad had happened within that  period, worry lines creased his light skin handsome face as he rushed out of his car and strode into the main residence.

He paced uncontrollably as he waited in the large sitting room, a part of him wondered why he was agitated over a stranger’s well being but he couldn’t stop himself he whirled around as he heard footsteps enter the sitting room, he involuntarily let out a gasp as he stared into her eyes.

She stood even more beautiful than when he last saw her, long curly hair dropped to her shoulders, framing her beautiful features he noticed that unlike last time she had started wearing make up again, she looked angelic dressed in a white linen gown that stopped just below her knees, her legs…Richard closed his eyes to stop himself from running his eyes lustfully at the length of those beautiful legs, at this point he was past caring that he was showing his discomfort to her, she could get him sacked for this, dejectedly he opened his eyes expecting to see a look of disdain but there was something burning in her hazel eyes, they stood there silent for some minutes until he felt a veil cloud her eyes and she stepped purposefully to him.

“Detective” she began, drawing her words in her habitual soft spoken nature
“ I am hurt almost one month, no calls and no mails…I expected you to come and arrest me with the way you were throwing accusations on your last visit “
Richard paled in embarrassment, “I am truly sorry, my words did not come out the way…”

“I have other pressing issues to discuss with you “She curtly interrupted
“I was surprised when I was summoned here, and I noticed you have increased your security details”
“Yes I am afraid I had to, I have been receiving threats. Death threats, at first I thought nothing of it, I suspected that it might be the Senator’s children trying to scare me into submission but last night...” her voice trailed off.
“What happened last night?”
“Perhaps you should see for yourself” she responded quietly, turning and walking away, 

he followed her , across several doors trying hard to remain professional as he was distracted by the sway of her hips as she walked purposely in front of him, she stopped suddenly in front of a door.

“This is my late husband’s private office, it has been locked since his death but last night we found it opened”
“ok?” Richard prodded, sensing that something else was amiss,

she opened the door and stepped back fright evident in her eyes , Richard stepped in curious to discover the source of her fear that was when the stench hit him, the smell was fresh as if it was just beginning to ripen, the office was torn apart as if someone had been looking for something, he sighted something behind the desk, he tip toed and peeped almost gasping as the sight of a dead man with a knife stuck in his back hit him.

“That is my former head of security we found him like this last night around 10 p.m” a frightened Grace whispered from across the room.
“who could have done this?” Richard muttered under his breath.
“Someone in this house of this I am sure” she replied gloomily, “ there is a killer in my household.”