Press Release by NALT CLUB International on the Xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other African nationals in South Africa.


The National Association of liberation Tigers (NALT); a civil society social movement of over 10,000 Nigerian citizens from different disciplines across the globe, joins the rest of the world to condemn the recent attacks on foreigners especially Nigerians and other Africans nationals in South Africa.

This sad turn of events is a departure from the continent's ongoing re-visioning of African integration as a panacea for African solutions to African problems. NALT decries that this is a set back to our collective will as Africans in stretching out hands of friendship and goodwill across borders.
This further undermines the position of our continent as the new investment destination of the world as well the emerging global power block.

As one of the largest economy in the continent, these spates of xenophobic killings and attacks will have dire consequences not only for the diplomatic relationship between Nigeria, the rest of Afri.c~ns and South Africa but to the entire integration agenda of the Africa Union.
 A recollection of the days of apartheid struggle reminds us of the joint solidarity and overwhelming support played by Nigeria and other Africans countries for the liberation of South Africa that led to the collapse of the white supremacy regime. These joint efforts institutionalized democratic principles rooted on equity, tolerance, justice and universal human rights, which is the fulcrum of NALT's vison and enjoyed in South Africa today.

 It is therefore unfortunate that these achievements are being destroyed by the ongoing unwarranted attacks on Nigerians and other Africans by few youths with very poor memory of history. NALT warns sternly that if these incidences continue unabated, there could be reprisal attacks with the tendency to destabilize the entire continent and further divide rather than unite us as people. NALT would not hesitate to exploit its mobilization strategy and numeric strength to engage its members and like minded organizations to use all non-violent stratagems available to it to persuade against the government, businesses and citizens of South Africa if this is not immediately brought to a complete stop and permanent solution to avert further occurrences adopted.

As an organization, registered under the Nigerian law and whose mandate and principles among others revolves around defense of human rights and democracy," we implore the South African President, its government and voices of reason to use their good offices and strongly intervene in this matter to mitigate the spread of this action and reaction. We know that this senseless attack is propagated by an infinitesimal percentage of uninformed South Africans. We therefore welcome the efforts of religious leaders and other well-meaning actors who are trying to end these needless attacks and ask all and sundry to follow suit. NALT assures the good citizens of South Africa of its resolve in the face of this trying moments, of its commitment to playing its role in line with its social justice crusade and in the advancement of peace and security on the continent.

NALT is watching! Long live NALT Club International! Long live, Nigeria! Long live South Africa - Nigeria Relationship! Long live Africa!!! ! \

 Pas Okeoma Mobillzer & Communications