Happy Independence Day, Nigeria


A Blog Reader who wishes to be anonymous forwarded this piece as inspired by the 56th Independence of Nigeria , which was on October 01, 2016.
Makes for a short interesting piece.

 Every (adult) Nigerian should see the movie ’93 days’. We need to immortalise Dr Adadevoh, her colleagues and all other Nigerians (soldiers, doctors, nurses, police officers, journalists, activists, etc.) who have made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us – and our children and grandchildren, yet unborn. 

We need to prove that when we come together, as one, we Nigerians can do anything. We must heed the call for unity, faith, progress, love, freedom, peace, loyalty, honesty, service, honour, glory and justice in and within our fatherland – all of which are captured in our anthem, pledge and shield.

We have only one country – in offering constructive criticism thereby holding our elected and other leaders accountable (which we must) or celebrating our political and other heroes, past and present, we should bear such lofty but attainable goals (such as unity, faith, progress, love, freedom, peace…) in mind.
Happy Independence to all Nigerians.

Dakky’s bits: Sometimes with all the challenges facing us in Nigeria, it is difficult to elicit patriotism from its citizens, It however does not change the fact that Nigerians are tenacious people, amidst it all we survive. Happy Belated Independence day. here is hoping we overcome our struggles and finally rise up to be the giant we proclaim to be.

Culled from sister site www.dakkyworkdiaries.com