Riding the wave of Purpose

President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks On Second Chance Hiring Initiative

I watched with interest this morning as Kim Kardashian a reality star was invited to the American white house to speak on her initiatives with prison reform and her new collaboration with Lyft to give reformed ex prisoners rides to job interviews and see family member, and I thought to myself wow, what were the odds that several years ago a young lady whose claim to fame was through a sex tape and a more or less vapid reality tv show would be so impactful in the lives of others.

Her speech might not have been the most intellectually stimulating compared to the thousands we have heard from that podium, but the strength to her purpose was evident, she was not bothered about the lefts intolerance for the President, or the damage their continuous partnership could do to her brand, she stood determined, and excited as she spoke on the work they had done and the work they were planning to do for these Prisoners. After years of countless criticism by millions of people accusing her of offering nothing to the world but naked selfies and an otherwise plastic lifestyle this young woman had finally found her purpose in life , hate her or love her it was truly a beautiful thing to witness.

Finding your purpose, the why are you here theory and fundamental cash cow for millions of lifestyle authors , so called gurus and new age religions, promising to give people answers to that gnashing unrelenting quest in their souls to discover their purpose on earth.

Now keep your coins I have not suddenly gone to India and meditated with a spiritual guru on how to help people achieve their purpose in life, that did not happen however I believe  I have made a discovery that I believe can help people discover their purpose in life , Now before you throw apples at me believe it or not it’s not all about Kim Kardashian. There is a period in every one’s life when a powerful wave of self discovery comes, and It’s my belief that if you ride the wave properly you will discover they why you are here enigma. Don’t click your teeth and query the simplicity of my theory, it actually is not that simple. That is why I penned down a few bullet points that can aid a sojourner in the search for purpose on his/her journey.

  • First of all you need to set things in motion to attract purpose driven energy, let’s forget about the Captain Marvel and Jean Grey Phoenix analogy, you are not going to sit down eating Oreos in your living room one day and suddenly feel a burst of energy burst through your veins turning you to a super human that is just never going to happen. You need to begin to focus your energy on positive things that can teach you skills you need to bring your purpose to fruition. Are  you someone fascinated with food? Nothing stops you from picking up a cook book or heading to youtube to learn new recipes, same goes for people fascinated with mathematics, gaming, representing the less privileged, learn new skills that match your passion.

  • Get rid of the Clutter, Clutter does not always have to manifest itself in its physical form, you may be surrounded with dark clouded people and nay sayers with negative energy who have nothing to offer you but heartache, bad advice and gossip, clean up your inner circle, quit bad habits that make you live a scattered lifestyle and stop your thoughts from running all over the place. Pick up good habits like reading, exercising or even cleaning up your environment. No harm comes from clearing the dirt around you, believe me.

  • Do not be scared to fly, abeg I am not pushing anyone to go to a tall building and jump, flying in this context refers to your environment, some people look around them and are dissuaded from wanting more because everything around them is so bleak and ordinary and to seek to attain the extraordinary seems to be a herculean task but I tell you it does not matter, the bigger your dream the bigger the leap of faith you need to have. My motto has always been dream big or go home.
  • Fall in love with yourself, you need to know who you are before you discover what your purpose is, discover your shortcomings, your likes, your dislikes, just be with yourself and have an orgasm on the energy your inner man exudes, biko I am not asking you to have a Tweet Oh My situation , inside joke however go on a journey of self discovery and be at peace with YOU, if you are not at peace with who you are then make the necessary changes if you can, do better, love better the truth is  if you are not at peace with who you are then you will always believe naysayers when they tell you who they think you are , a clueless soul will never be able to fulfill his/her purpose.

  • Catch that wave and ride it hard” Ok that did not come out quite right but you know what I mean, when the wave comes do not be afraid of its intensity, hold on and let it take you to where you need to be, no matter how scary it may seem or no matter how difficult it appears to be, it might push you to take decisions that may seem crazy to some but  if it’s truly your life purpose ,you have already the strength to withstand all the obstacles you encounter in that journey.

  • Finally Don’t let go there is a difference between finding your purpose and living in your purpose, when that wave comes no matter how many obstacles is in its way hold on to it for your dear life, Always strive to live a purpose driven life because the alternative is a despondent existence that attracts depression and at best an ordinary Life. Why be Ordinary when you can do extra ordinary things?

  • So yeah that’s my Ahaa moment for the middle of 2019 and maybe my words seem like gibberish to some people but I tell you when you catch that wave and ride it the orgasm is unending ….yes I meant to use the anecdote I used because the feeling is akin to that shoot me I said what I said…..and believe me I will try to stop going into hibernation been figuring out how to catch that wave without filing for bankruptcy sigh….


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