He walked into the study as directed by the manservant at the doorway, he marveled at its opulence and exquisite furnishing.
Chandeliers dangled from the ceilings , it’s clear cut glass sparkled like diamonds suspended in the air giving the room a whimsical look, he spotted by the corner a piano perched by the dining set, carvings etched on its wooden frame signifying it was an antique of great value, the sofa was soft to the touch.
He gave an involuntary whistle as he sighted the magnificent painting that stood on the far side of the wall , even to his untrained eye he could tell that it was of great value, with his hands perched in his pockets he continued to survey the room marveling to himself “There are Rich and there are “Rich” people “he thought, everything in this house smelt of long money, not quick riches obtained from Bank loans and sharp deals, the wealth he could see in this house was the type of wealth where Bank CEO’s  outside the country would be on first name basis with the owner.
Surprisingly there was no tinge of envy and it was not just that the owner of the house lay dead in a mortuary in Ikoyi , Richard was not an envious man , dedicated and hardworking he would rather get his own things than look with envy at what belonged to another or so he thought until he saw HER.

A splashing noise turned his attention to the windows at the far left of the study, his curiosity got the better of him so he walked cautiously and peeped, what he saw took his breath away.
She glided out of the swimming pool like a siren rising out of the ocean, Wet Raven Black hair dropped to her shoulders framing her beautiful face, her skin was literally like pure cream chocolate, she held the railings of the swimming pool and paused throwing back her head and letting the sun rays fall on her body, he followed the rays as it revealed firm rounded breasts , literally almost bursting through a tiny  lemon green bikini top, her tummy flat and spotless glistened under the hot sun as tiny drops of water glided down to her well rounded hips and legs….long legs that seemed to go on forever, Richard felt himself tighten before he let out a breath , he had never in his Thirty Five years seen such a beautiful woman up close.
Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked straight at him , he jolted back afraid of being caught , he took a second look at the drapes and realized there was no way someone outside could see into the main building “or could she?” he thought haphazardly , he turned back and slumped on the sofa remembering the warnings he had received when he had been assigned this case.

He smelt her before he saw her, a soft fresh scent tantalizing his nostrils, he got up abruptly adjusting his trousers, he could hear her voice just outside the door way addressing one of her staff.
Her voice sounded soft but authoritative her English fluent , he was not surprised everything about her screamed perfection, she walked in and he actually felt dizzy , her long black hair was wrapped neatly behind a Black silk scarf, she wore a loose fitted black hijab that covered her appropriately .
She was the perfect picture of a dutiful wife in mourning but his body would not let him forget that behind all that material was a beautiful crafted master piece.

her smell enveloped him as she stepped up to him and extended her hand politely, “so sorry to have kept you waiting for this long I hope you were thoroughly entertained while you waited?” hazel brown eyes tinged with slight mischief stared straight into his and he could swear she knew that he had been watching her at the pool.
He smiled and touched his hands with hers , a quick jolt of electricity pulsated as flesh touched flesh , Gbenga’s warning rang through his head
“stay away from her, whatever you do , do not look into her eyes, they say that her eyes can turn the hardest man into mush, burning  into your soul and leaving you at her mercy , Richard do not fall for her!” Gbenga screamed but as his hands firmly clasped hers and he looked into her eyes , all the warnings were too late for like a drugged prey stepping into the hunters net he felt himself lost in the beauty of her trance.