Childless Cry Scene 2


The wolves rushed the meal left hurriedly by the maiden,
Their excited whines rhymed, as they lapped up the meal left by the heathen.
An unsuspecting onlooker might suspect foul play in this scene
As quietly it appeared as if the maiden had been fooled by a fiend.
Suddenly strange sounds came from far deep in the forest.
Orchestrated by a gust of wind so powerful it shook the hare’s nest.
The wolves ears pricked up, sudden panic gripping their pack.
The remains of their meal forgotten they hurriedly ran away from this path.
Something dark…………..something pungent. Something powerful….. something Gruesome.
Its footsteps hidden, its form unseen, materialized from behind its Lair.
Evil had been called out to haunt the night.

The crickets heralded its arrival, their sudden outburst of singing breaking the tranquility of the night.
A large black sea of Birds convened on the tree tops in the compound.
Their sheer numbers blackening the moon lit sky.
Chickens asleep awoke with sheer fright, making their way hurriedly into the next farm.
The wind howled at its direction, unseen eyes tracing the maidens  footsteps to this house.
The wooden gates creaked open in submission.
There was Legal permission to subdue this household.

She slept with her arms outstretched; deep in slumber her sorrow previously mapped out in dry tears had lost its evidence.
Her husband’s back was turned to her as his massive tummy pulsated in rhythm with his heavy snores.
It glided into their bedroom with authority, its phantasmal presence looming at the top of the hut’s ceiling.
 It stared dispassionately at the couple sound asleep on their mat.
 It Waited for the sign sure to come ,that it was to time to heed the maidens call.
A loud cry came from the distance, an eerie most unbecoming sound.
 Its harsh shrieks sent the black birds perched on the tree, fluttering   away with haste.
It was Time………

 The air grew stiffly silent; smoke seemed to rise precipitously filling the room.
Her husband’s snore grew louder as he was lulled into deep sleep.
Her wrapper slid from her chest revealing pert taut breasts.
Her breathing quickened as she began to feel a thrust deep within her.
Pressure began to build from underneath as she felt a slight fire burning through her legs.
In dream state or reality she knew not as her hands began a sluggish descent to protect her woman hood.
 It was too late , she had called out the demon far deep in the forests to her bedside.
By morning an Offspring would begin its nine months sojourn in her belly.
It was Time.


  1. Childless couples often make diabolic sacrifices to get a child. They often do. It's the source of this their 'blessing' that's suspect. From the ravishing to the anguishing is often a while, but if the couple live long enough, both are sure to converge.

  2. Great poem, by the way. Nice cadences.

  3. Thanks a lot, childlessness in this part of the world puts so much pressure on a marriage , if the couples are not deep rooted in the word of God or have principles they end up putting their hands in so many things that could lead to destruction.
    The [poem is a sad depiction of what actually happens in reality. i am glad you enjoyed it.


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