Below is an article i wrote for Standbybaganigeria. It's really a sad situation and i hope people can assist in various ways possible.

Terrorism in the North Eastern states of Nigeria has taken its toll on everyone, thousands of lives have been lost , sometimes in the most painful way possible, Villages and cities have been laid to waste, infrastructure amounting to millions of naira burnt to the ground and completely destroyed,
For most of the survivors of this tragedy, the suffering is not over, with their homes destroyed and nowhere to run to, thousands have relocated to IDP camps spread across the region where it appear s as if the distress is not yet over.

1)      Most people returning to their communities do not have anything to return to, their homes and communities have been completely destroyed and they face the risk of starvation.

2)      The poor sanitary conditions of the camps have led to outbreaks of diseases which the survivors are exposed to.

3)      Most of the IDP’s are not equipped to handle the population of displaced persons, as they lack food, water, drugs for the sick amongst them and good shelter. These camps are overwhelmed and require assistance as more displaced persons keep trooping into the camps.

4)      Allegations of Rape, Child Trafficking and Physical Abuse made by survivors in the Camps.

Whilst we look forward to the end of this demonic stage in our polity, and as the Nigerian Army continues to make gains to end the insurgency, let us not forget that for the thousands of our brothers and sisters that have been directly affected by these acts their Life does not return to normal. The nightmare has not ended, Aid is still needed let’s support in any way we can.