Charlie Sheen and his HIV Positive status: why that may not be such a bad thing for the youths.

First of all I hope my topic is not mis-leading, retro viral drugs or not I would never wish that disease on anyone, but be careful before you stone me, read the whole article.

So last week the dreaded gossip site mediatakeout had a blind item on its site, they stated that a popular actor was HIV positive and a lot of his ex-girlfriends, famous and infamous were upset and planning to sue….Charlie Sheen was the last person I expected but then again with his life style I am not surprised.

Charlie Sheen: do you know his real name is Carlos Estévez? Well I did not know that … I absolutely adore the character he played in two and a half men, you literally cannot find another actor to play that role. (Ashton Kutcher tanked as his replacement in that show and sank it to the sea) I could watch re runs of that show for a long time. But still even though he was a fantastic comedic actor his personal life however…Charlie Sheen was a basket case (yep I said it).

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Where do I start with his misdemeanors, the cocaine use, the adult film girlfriends, the sex parties, the assault charges, let’s see...
Charlie has suffered a stroke after overdosing while using cocaine, he has been arrested on assault, he has been kicked out of hotels, sacked, and countless trips to rehab  ,He is the proverbial bad boy, spending as much as $1,600,000 on prostitutes per year, it is rumored that after discovering his HIV status in 2011, he has slept with about 200 partners, women, men and transsexuals allegedly.

So really why should you care?  On November 17, 2015, when he finally made the announcement that he was HIV positive , some people were genuinely sad for him and some people really gave ….crickets. when you run around naked in your house inviting prostitutes and what not every day while doing drugs what were you expecting?

But let’s think about it, millions of people still die from HIV and its related causes in under developed countries, with all the other evil things going on in the world, HIV has taken a somewhat back seat, it seems like some young people had to be reminded that there are consequences from living a reckless lifestyle and HIV is one of them.

The last high profile celebrity (that I remember) to be upfront about his HIV status is Basket ball legend, Magic Johnson and that was about 20 years ago, we have unfortunately landed in an era where a lot of young girls want to be baby mama’s , protection…”what protection” , like 50 cent said in one of his rap songs “have a baby by me, be a millionaire” They are not thinking about protection, I guess in their mind they think  "how can this fresh millionaire, singer, actor, entertainer, athlete, footballer have HIV ", and become reckless in their quest to trap him and get those checks, allegedly Charlie Sheen had over 200 partners since his diagnosis in 2011 and he paid them more money to sleep with him without a condom.  so now let's do the math, that’s how many spreading the virus?

I had no idea but there is a cocktail of drugs that can prevent you from contracting HIV, it’s called PrEP. Great news kudos to all our scientists ,but where is the cure hmnn, If you can come up with drugs that can kill the virus before it attacks the host what’s stopping you from coming up with a drug that can get rid of the virus once and for all. Suddenly the whole world is talking about HIV again and it’s thanks to this restless bad boy called Charlie Sheen.

So in conclusion maybe it’s not all bad news for Charlie Sheen, maybe the  Bad boy image can be revamped from a drug sex starved crazy actor to a human rights activist who can influence real change in the world. Maybe instead of chanting “tiger blood” and “winning” all the time, people will realize that there can be a price to pay for immorality, sexual and otherwise.
or the self-acclaimed special rock star this does not have to be good night I hope people are watching and remix “Tiger blood” to “safe blood”.

Be safe Guys.