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Dear Diary….. I guess I am getting married, everyone seems to be elated. Everyone except me.
I just turned 28 years and I realize it’s probably the best time to get married now, I am just at the right age.
When Nkiru got married last year every single person kept giving me the look, you know that look.. ”when is it going to be your turn.”
 I guess because we were best friends they felt we should do everything together, but Nkiru does not look happy.

We used to talk every day since she got back from her honey moon , but now when I call her she seems distant, cold, I know it’s not me because I have not hurt her , I suspect she is going through something in her marriage. The last time I went to see her she was wearing a bandage on her arm when I asked her what happened she said she fell on the exercise bike but she refused to  meet my eye, i know she is lying, sometimes she calls me on the phone and starts crying. the other day she was asking me for biodun's phone number, Biodun her ex??
Nkiru has really changed, this days hanging around her is such a bore,she wants to drag out all the exciting stuff we did in the past,
"hey kate do you remember when we........" She would start and the stories would never end.
Bleh she is not the bubbly free spirit she used to be, and when she is tired of recanting past stories she recoils into a dark attitude, looking so sad and unhappy, when I press her for answers to her new attitude she tells me “I would not understand”
So back to me I am getting married, Maximilian proposed, though when I think back about it I am not sure it’s a proposal. I met him last year,  I wrote all about it in my former diary he came to me like a knight in shining armor when Dozie broke my heart.

I was feeling a bit depressed after Nkiru’ s wedding, Dozie had dumped me via text message two days to Nkiru’ s wedding so I was feeling lonely, old, unloved and sad . After her wedding, I went to get chicken and chips, you know I eat when I am sad, standing at the side waiting for my order to be ready a red Toyota Camry packed by the chips stand.
“Who drives a red car” I had thought to myself and then  two guys came down. They were good looking but I didn’t care, I was done with men for now , 2 under graduates  girls who were by the other corner waiting for their order began to adjust their outfits, it was so pathetic I started to laugh.
I felt one of the guys looking at me but I did not care I just found it extremely funny the way some babes act like fish out of water when they see a good looking guy. I picked my order and strolled home, I was almost opening our gate when I noticed the red car tailing me. I was in no mood for any fake toasting I turned back angrily ,ready to tell them off when the car sped off.

I became sad again, yes I was about to pretend to be very angry and self-righteous but in all honesty I was happy that fine guys found me attractive enough to follow me home.
But he came back, two days later he came back with his red car and waited for me to get back from work outside my gate. of course I fell for him, who wouldn’t. Tall, Fair , Good looking, with a good job ..he was a banker, so we started dating and now ….almost a year later sitting quietly in his red car while he exchanged stories with his best friend Frank while I panicked in my head and wrote in my journal , the thought would not escape me, I was getting married to him. Forever….One Man…This Man….I stole a glance at him and he grabbed my hands and squeezed them.

“Babe we are going to have a fantastic wedding, Tonee and the Boys are coming back from Canada for this wedding, we will end this town hun”
I faked a smile and thought in my head “who on earth was Tonee and why should I care”
I looked out of the window some young ladies were chatting animatedly on the road, they were probably coming back from Jamb Lesson. “Teenagers” I muttered under my breath.

Dear Diary I wish I was back to being a teenager , Teenagers don’t think about Marriage and adult stuff, I wish I was still a teenager.