Dear Dakky My Man has dumped me for football.

Please I need your candid advice, i am a 26 years old Customer Service Manager and I have been dating my boyfriend who is 30 years for over a year now.
When I met him he was so romantic, he calls me at least three times a day, sends me romantic messages, my weekends have been wonderful, always taking me from one fun spot to the other, after three months of dating I was sure I had found my soul mate.

Two months ago we had decided to take things a step  further, he was going to pay for an apartment closer to his neighborhood so that I would stop commuting all the way from my parents’ house in Berger. Suddenly after the serious fight I had to fight with my parents before they allowed me move out since September I have been lonely in my flat.

His love for football is now my major headache , these days instead of sending me sweet messages he will be sending me all this football forwarded messages about how Jose Mourinho is fighting with this player or this coach or  how there are rumors that Ozil may be nursing an injury or  predictions for the next match. How does all this concern me?

If my boyfriend comes to see me he will be busy fidgeting with his phone his attention will be a million miles away, when I snoop to see what is keeping him occupied it will be countless chats and arguments with his friends and sometimes strangers on  football chat groups.

I am almost losing my mind, when I go to visit him, The TV is always on one of the football channels and he is extremely distracted sometimes I feel like I hear a sigh of relief when I tell him I am heading  back home. When he comes over to see me he immediately hugs the remote and will not change the station from those football channels, all my Telemundo programs and my Mnet Series are a thing of the past now, I don’t understand how someone will be watching Pre match analysis before a game, football Match live, Half Time analysis, Post-match analysis and then re runs  of already football matches he has already watched, what kind of madness is this?

All the Plans we had to go shopping for things for my new place have been post-poned because of foot ball Matches, he tried this stunt when we first started dating a bit but once I complained he gave me his full attention now it appears as if he is sure I am not going anywhere and this is his true colors. 
How do I compete with a rubber ball Dakky Please help?

Dakky’s response

Dear reader,

I feel your pain my advice for you is simple,
Please find out what team your boyfriend follows, buy the jersey male and female in his size and your size, wear it once in a while when they are playing a highly competitive match and join him in the sofa to watch. Find out as much information about his team and their rivals, Google is your friend, Invest in good novels or follow interesting blogs your TV is not your own until the season is over.

Find out when there is a high profile match to be played and invite a couple of his close friends to your place and surrender your remote to them.
What is his drink of choice? Make sure your fridge is stocked with it. The rains have been falling intermittently you can prepare a small pot of pepper soup or just order fresh suya from your Aboki if you don’t want to cook.

How do you compete with a rubber ball? Honey you don’t that Rubber Ball you see there and those grown men playing catch with it? That’s your boyfriend’s main chick o, with any luck the season will end and you will have your Romeo back again…until it starts again and the Cycle continues.