This is the Third and final poem in a three Part series on a narrative that tries to capture the different emotions of people affected by the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria.

In this poem the commodity  appears to speak for itself, telling readers that even though at this point the situation appears bleak for Oil producing countries but with mutual co operation and conversations, the season of Oil boom would return.

They come angry, despondent and frustrated.
Wondering amiss when the price point will resume its position as stated.
A few years of its downward spiral and economies have plunged
A macabre event in circles of unending misfortunes swim through unabated

The leaders wear a forlorn smile,
Desperately searching for respite beyond the aisles
Countries coffers are quickly depleting,
Hope seems uncharacteristically fleeting
The drum rolls for early solutions have faded into the background

The hot boiling substance that burns deep in the earth
Fossils of past warriors unsated and struggling to unearth
Uncontrollable power beneath its lasting echoes
The time for Oil will soon return amidst the shadows
Until then we bid them come these country experts
OPEC doors are wide open to accept their excerpts
Together with our heads joined perhaps we can defeat our sorrow
The time for Oil may be as soon as tomorrow.