Kenyan Woman Suffers Severe Headaches After Using Weave ‘Pulled From Maggot Ridden Corpse

hair weave she is diva Kenyan Woman Suffers Severe Headaches After Using Weave Pulled From Maggot Ridden Corpse
A Kenyan weave wearer has found herself in hot water this month, after she unknowingly purchased and used a packet of hair pulled from the corpse of a dead woman.
Hair, that carried maggots she claims have now made their way inside her head!
Yes, after paying a Nairobi hair salon for the piece, and subsequently having it sewn into her own cain rowed hair, the woman- who has asked for her identity to be concealed- began to suffer severe headaches which pain killers did little to nothing to ease.
It was then, after seeking medical aid, that a brain scan revealed that there were maggots eating away at her brain- likely to have been the eggs laid by the maggots eating away at the corpse’s body- carried by the weave into the unsuspecting victim’s head.
Horrified, the owner of the salon at which the hair was purchased shared:
“The woman, who did not want to be named, said: ‘I am shocked to hear this because this is the first time such a thing is happening to my clients. I will get more information from my supplier because we import these weaves from the UK, USA and India.”