Game of Thrones season 5 episode 8 review:

So early Saturday morning  at about 1.00 a.m, i posted a review on Season 5 Episode 8 of Game of thrones on  another social media site .

I've decided to repost it on here............................ sigh those GOT writers want to kill person.

Now this review will have no syntax because I'm not thinking straight so I will begin by saying "I called it",

Oh yes I did, what do I mean? The first time I watched 3 episodes of a show called Spartarcus "I called it" this was way before people started following the show,

Just so you now my favorite type of movies, films whatever are Epics, maybe it's because they are adapted from a true story "in my mind" or whatever ,they are my fave, s and my movie guy then knew it,so he gave me to watch when no one I knew had ever heard of it, I watched it and wouldn't stop tweeting about it then it caught on everywhere.

Same thing with game of Thrones, from the first episode I was hooked, the starks and their wolf's or whatever they call those animals, the lanisters and their blonde hair, the tyrells and their well....wife swapping and then of course Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, it's a show that has everything I love and then some, intrigue, drama, action ,..... kit Harington, horror, political intrigue, romance, tragedy and of course .........kit Harington, people liked the show but I think it was after that brutal episode red wedding that people actually became hooked to the show, pain and tragedy are powerful tools the yanks found this out early but I digress....Episode 8 Season 5

I downloaded this since Tuesday but I never watch game of Thrones on weekdays, no I reserve it till the weekend so I can savour every second, every conversation but I couldn't wait this time around so let's rewind to episode 7, it ended with Jon Snow heading out on a risky journey to appeal to their mortal enemy the wildings, Cercei got tied with her own rope as she is accused of adultery.....bla bla by the same fanatics she empowered ( I honestly don't care for her scenes anymore, they are very good and important but I just prefer watching Jon snow and Daenerys) , Sansa has a taste of what her new husband does to traitors and Daenerys finally meets Tyrion Lannister so Episode 8 takes off like a slow locomotive engine, Sansa discovers her brothers are alive, Cercei discovers that she can't order her way out of her predicament, arya turns to a sweet little assassin for the many face god and Daenerys makes Tyrion her advisor, now it's a little bit predictable this part , everyone knew the minute Daenerys walked into the fire and came out naked with 3 hatched dragons that she will rule the iron throne, every scene she has been put through is preparing her for leadership so it makes sense that the most intelligent character in the show will find his way to her side, it's an interesting scene but mere crumbs, every other freaking scene in this episode are bread crumbs leading us to the last 20 mins when Jon Snow makes his way to enemy territory.

Brave, handsome and charismatic he takes suicidal steps into an island of hundreds of wildings, he offers them a partnership borne out of survival and most scoff at him, they get ready to leave and they come......geez the way they came the white walkers ,like ants running down an anthill they came in their hundreds and no one was a match for them, Jon Snow flexes his leadership muscles by running into the fight instead of running away and almost gets killed in the process.his fight with the king was one sided until the last minutes and then viola!! wounded and tired he turns around and kills their king but do you think that will slow them they are just like the hydra, you cut one head off and another will spring up, exasperated they run out of the island and Jon Snow looks back, the new king looks him in the eye and does his magic , hundreds of wildings wake up from the dead and join the rest, there are no words needed for the final scene as their boat leaves Jon snow looks on....The white walkers now populate an entire island, as the sorrowful music plays and the scene blackens out I reckon Jon snow is thinking "we are really effed" I reckon Kit Harrington is thinking "when this scene plays on TV there will be no B list for me again ever" , I reckon the creators sipping wine and re watching this scene are smiling and thinking "good bye we just kicked out all competition and smashed TV ratings" what was I doing? Oh I found myself on my feet even though I don't remember standing up with my hands on my head.