The world's worst drug kingpin escapes from prison again.

This is not a movie, this is real life,

Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman Loera, boss of the dominant Sinaloa Cartel has escaped from a Mexican High security , Maximum Prison.

The King pin has been described as a brilliant, ruthless billionaire businessman whose business happens to be drugs. He came up the hard way in the 1980s as a gunman for Federacion founder Miguel Angel Gallardo, he survived the Drug Enforcement Administration onslaught after its agent Enrique Camarena was murdered, he endured a bloody war against his rivals in Tijuana, and he came out of a brutal Mexican prison to become the most powerful drug lord in history.

The first time Chapo went into prison in 1993, he served almost eight years of a 20-year sentence before "escaping" -- supposedly in a laundry cart, more probably by car or helicopter. This time, Chapo waited for a little over a year before "escaping," supposedly from a shower -- either in his cell or a "shower area" into a tunnel, and then onto a motorcycle custom-fit to run on rails.

There are so many gaffe’s in this story I am beginning to wonder who wrote this script, there was no way Chapo just walked from his shower into a tunnel with all those guards around and secondly what was an inmate in a maximum-security prison doing with a shower in his cell?
If stories are to be believed he allegedly lived a life of affluence inside the prison walls, He turned Puente Grande maximum-security prison into the Four Seasons, replete with movie nights, imported hookers, gourmet meals, fine wine and Christmas parties

Are we expected to believe that a 1.5-kilometer tunnel with lighting, ventilation and tracks was dug under a maximum-security prison and no one saw or heard anything?
Chapo's 2001 "escape" allegedly cost him $2.5 million, according to Malcolm Beith's book, "Last Narco." I imagine prices have gone up since then, but money is not Chapo's problem in life. He has billions of dollars, vast power and the ability to reach anyone.

The drug Lord’s biggest fear was extradition to the US where most likely there would not have been any chance of any escape .
While drug lords have often maintained control of their organizations from Mexican prisons, they can't do that once they're sent to American supermax facilities, from which they can't easily communicate and from which not a single major criminal has ever escaped.
Chapo Guzman has been under U.S. indictment since 1987; imprisoned in Mexico twice, but never extradited.

There are rumblings of connivance with some of the prison guards and his own men, but who knows?
What is clear is that one man continues to rubbish the judicial authority of a sovereign state and whilst  the saying “no man is above the law” continues to make sense in some countries, it’s apparent that this man is definitely above the law or at least the shackles of the law as long as he remains in Mexico , prison bars can’t hold him.

Waiting for the movie rights to his story in 3….2……..1