Dear Diary.........Honey Moon is Over

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Dear Diary it’s been one month since we came back from our Honeymoon and to be honest I have mixed feelings about this thing called marriage.

The Honeymoon was wonderful, we went to Yankari Games Reserve, at first I was scared when he said we would be heading to the North for Honeymoon, I was scared of the terrorist group that operates there but it was beautiful, we did not see any Lions but I saw lots of monkeys and beautiful birds. Then we went to Jos to see the people he grew up with then we stopped over at Ibadan.

Those two weeks jetting round Nigeria with my tall handsome husband was amazing, I was so happy showing off my ring at the slightest opportunity but since we came back to Lagos everything has gone back to normal.
Relocating to Mafoluku where Mexmillian lived from my neighborhood in Surulere was challenging, I have to wake up early to prepare his lunch before getting ready for my commute to work at Yaba, everyone knows I love my sleep now all that has gone.

No One told me living with someone would get on my nerves this bad, my husband literally dumps his towel on the floor after showering and don’t get me started with the bedroom, one morning when I went up to the room to find out why he has running late . The room looked like it had been destroyed by raiders, clothes were everywhere, he was half dressed ransacking through the wardrobe like a madman,
“Babe have you seen my Ranvin shirt, I hung it in my wardrobe, you didn’t move it did you?”
His Ranvin Shirt? What was that? And since when did our wardrobe become his wardrobe, I left him and went to shower, 10 mins later I heard the door bang and sure enough he did not bother cleaning up after he had ransacked the whole room.

The Friends, argh the friends …I guess the same thing I found attractive about my husband attracted other people as well, before I got married weekends were to relax, de stress, watch movies, hang out but these days I am either in the kitchen or tidying up the flat most times I would work until late because our flat was always full with visitors.

Friends kept on stopping by like it was a beer parlor,
“Babe Ola is around is there food”, “Babe please fry that meat for Chike and I” “Babe is there anything we can use to down this beer”
I was like a chef, maid, home girl, cleaner everything tied into one, and then in the evening when they were done playing their video games.He would sneak in and give me an excuse that he was seeing them off and be gone for hours.

Nawa, at least he does not beat me up unlike Nkiru's husband,she ran away from home last week, her husband had beat her black and blue because he complained that she  put too much salt in her soup.
"Marriage!" someone once told me that Marriage was like a wrapped gift, on your wedding night when you unwrap the gift, what you see is what you get.