Ok I will admit it, i am a little biased when it comes to Rapper/Singer Jidenna , It's not just his suits or his classic good looks but this is one Artiste that always infuses his roots in his music.

It's not just that his Powerful name reflects everything about his Igbo Nigerian origins, but in his songs he will dress like an African , use african type beats and even speak Pidgin. He dresses like a gentleman but if you listen closely to his lyrics you will know he is no pushover.

If you love Classic Man which we all do then you will love his next single "CHIEF DON'T RUN" , with a picture  of his Red Cap Chief Dad in the background he is clearly showing you that he knows the significance of his heritage. spitting rhymes like .."you are dealing with a King not a Kong out here" ...Singer, Rapper and if you look closely ...Activist.

Hit the Flip to watch the amazing video below.

Those Beats tho........Jazz, drums....screaming "Chief Don't Run."...and "where is that album".