This is the Second Poem in a three Part series on a narrative that tries to capture the different emotions of people affected by the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria.

This particular poem seeks to mimic the elder statesmen who were not novices in the trend of Oil Price circles, it attempts to assuage the younger citizens , taking them through a brief history of how they felt when Oil was discovered , dropping hints of wisdom that the Oil Crash would not be endless, sooner than we think Oil prices would bounce back.

When the gods gathered to plan our descent, did they pin point the position of each gift in the soil?
Sprinkling gold dust and diamonds in the South and pouring westwards their decay in liquid form beneath our soil.
Was it fate or misfortune that lured the white man to our lands?
Opening our eyes to hidden treasures below the earth’s surface
Who would have thought that this black coagulated dirt like substance
Would empower nations, lead to wars, accelerate development.

Overflowing like chunks of clay underground, becoming our heartbeat in a moment.
Our Banks were overflowing with its potency, leaving our pockets heavy with currency.
We were suddenly in possession of one of the most sought after brides in all the lands
The Elusive dark liquid was ours to bargain with.

Suddenly like an illusion in a magicians play, the tides changed
Our liquid gold was not the most beautiful mistress in the land anymore
Brides of different colors sprung forth, reminding admirers that they could be just as useful.
Whispering words of endearment seducing our patrons with their close proximity.

We huffed and pouted, surely they would return
These men from different parts, no one could satisfy their desires like our bride,
Boiling hot and thick with richness, we stood looking down at her with pride.
Patting our brothers on the shoulders, assuring them twas for a season for no one could resist its burn.

So we twist our fingers and bring our best brains to pacify
To teach us to walk again as our legs have been paralyzed
Bridesmaids long forgotten were approached with intent to fructify
For now we would spread out our attention, show love unbiased
Search for nourishment in the hands of other bridesmaids until worn out and parched.
Our Patrons fed up and consumed with imperfection will return in droves to testify
That there is no other bride as beautiful as the elusive dark liquid that swims beneath our Land.