Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My hands are raised in defence, before you guys come at me i am not a relationship expert, I am not in a perfect relationship infact i have no basis in writting about this topic except for the fact that i love to give my 2 cents on anything and everything, but still you will all agree that we have unspoken rules of dating, nope not those 7 rules of dating or what not to do on a first date or all that crap...
FYI all those rules just sell the author's books, human relationships are not a perfect science what will be will be.

gradually though as you get older you realize that there are rules in this dating business, and this rules differ between men and women,teens and adults, people with questionable characters to good responsible people you know the list goes on and on. Dont shake your head each group of friends has those rules, it might be we dont date each others sisters or brothers or we never take our girlfriends with us during the guys night out or vice versa but some rules have become quite intriguing to me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nigeria and its Big Ol Ass...

First of all before you guys crucify me, i love my country. I am proud to be a Nigerian even with all the corruption, poverty,Ethnocentric ism and all i would never want to reside anywhere else and i am proud to be a Nigerian, that being said the whole drama that went down during our showing at the ongoing south African world cup pretty much sums up our outlook.

Rewind a couple of months ago, Nigeria had just qualified for the world cup with its indigenous coach Amodu Shaibu and they were rumblings that the coach would not be competent enough to take the team to the world cup>>why cos he is black?? anyway the super eagles had not been performing well at the international level but still you sack a team's coach barely 3 months to the world cup what were they thinking?? and then lets not forget the drama that ensued before Lars Lagerback was hired(his name sounds like an outdated beer, bad sign) the Swede could not even qualify his country for the world cup what were we expecting...a miracle??