Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hey guys first of all i want to apologize for readers who were following my tale of four women...i deeply regret not concluding the story and abandoning it for this long but guess what i am writing a new one . hopefully you will love this series as well. after thinking about it i have decided instead of completing the series and having old readers who have probably lost touch with the series and new readers who have to go and read it from the beginning i have decided to do the best thing sell the story...... A tale of four women is for sale...yep i will conclude the series and sell to any producer or script developer interested in buying .

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God bless.

The Female on top of the Corporate Ladder.....A gift or a Curse??

Hey guys i am beyond sorry i haven't blogged for months ,my life has swung a serious 360 since the last time i blogged first off all Dakky eloped with Mr Right...ok technically i didn't elope since both families were carried along  but i got married so fast people are still scratching their head on that one and i changed jobs, as well as house as to say things changed , i had to re adjust to my new life before finding inspiration to come on here again but have no fear Dakky is back..

voila my new topic , i always tell people Life is a book with different chapters, if you skip one or two chapters you might not understand the chapter you are on right now, whilst impatient people want to fly to read the end of the book thereby walking clueless all through life. Who remembers the Beijing women's conference in 1995, personally i think African women finally caught the spirit that had been roaming around Europe and the western world for several decades openly after that year. don't get me wrong pre-1995 African Women had always made their mark in history, from my favorite all time female heroine Queen Amina of Zau zau or Zaria in 1596, to the popular western heroine Madam Efuronye  Tinubu ,lets not forget Olori Moremi of Ile-Ife and of course the Egyptian Queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti of Egypt, women had always left their mark in history...(at this point i can see the male readers rolling their eyes wondering if this is another pro-feminist soaked article camouflaged with general banter, have some faith ok) but after that conference it appeared as if publicly women were not afraid to want more for themselves, gone where the satisfied woman content to rise to the level of a middle level civil servant and retire with a comfortable pension or become  head mistress and principals of  schools, suddenly Nigerian women didn't see any reason why they should not be appointed Permanent secretaries, Ministers, deputy Governors etc, gone where the days where ambitious women were looked at with disdain by their male counterparts , women in position of power wanted to be treated with respect and not as the bosses girlfriend but at what cost??