Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I work to live, and life ……..will I live!

There are interactions between work and life activities, as a matter of fact, almost half of my time is spent on work or work-related activities (traveling, traffic, working at home, discussing work, etc.). An aspect of attaining work-life balance and interaction is being able to create some fun and joy around the workplace. I understand that this can be difficult to do especially when working in a hostile work environment but it is not impossible to achieve.
There is also another aspect to work-life balance that completely distinguishes work from other life concerns and engagements. This involves engaging in other life activities with happiness and fulfillment even with the burden of excessive work. And that's my focus on this piece. Here's how I manage the work-life balance

1. First Impression - as a new employee, all eyes are on you. First impression counts a lot and the first few opinions made about you may sometimes determine the course of your career in an organization. It is also important that new employees go an extra mile to get the job done. Show some eagerness and willingness to learn and adapt. Pay your dues when you are still new in an organizational as your learning curve is still pretty high at that stage. Don’t be quick to glance at your wristwatch in board meetings when your closing time draws near. This is the best time to create a reputation for yourself as a performer, achiever and a hardworking staff.

Friday, July 8, 2016