Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bringing your relationships into Social Media.

Social Media is arguable one of the best tools for Millennial’ s   of today… if  you don’t know who a millennial is then I probably don’t know how to start with you.
I don’t know how it started for you guys but for me it started with the old ones. Hi5, Black Planet, and all those pen pal sites, I was excited at the thought of meeting people from different parts of the world outside my immediate environment, it was exhilarating.

I was obsessed with the internet, I would be at the cyber café at odd hours doing nothing but chatting, catching up with celebrity gossip, sending mails (wait I still do that don’t i?) but when Facebook came that was the turning point.

 I suddenly reconnected with all my friends who abandoned me and went to the States and different parts of the world to school , if we bought new outfits we would post it, when we went out we would post it…snap…snap…snap Social media became a vanity propellant.

I just loved getting those comments on Facebook and I loved the attention (hey I am being honest), and the drama that followed the relationship status. Facebook slowly turned into a dating site, people were rushing into the site to hook up, Facebook has created loads of marriages, children, hook ups, friendships and sadly kidnapping, fraud and also deaths which brings me to the negative part .

Man disguises as maid for Eight months to steal from Boss.

Wow and the menace of domestic helps continues, these days, in this economy  its very common to see both parents working to maintain the family , The business of hiring domestic helps has increased .

Desperate families bring in strangers from all over the country and even from neighboring countries to watch their kids whilst they are  away, unfortunately some unscrupulous elements are using this opportunity to take advantage of these families.

We have not even recovered from the Nanny Orekoya kidnapping case now a new trend has emerged. men disguising as women to have access to the families, so they can steal from them , worse they could even sexually assault the children.

Monday, August 17, 2015

CCTV Camera’s: A forgotten project and the sad trail it left behind.

It was with great joy when it was announced that the Lagos State Government was going to launch a CCTV project to fight crime in the State.

A mega city like Lagos needed something to assure citizens of some form of protection at night, I thought finally maybe robbery would reduce, maybe they would wear masks but maybe we would be able to see their cars, etc. in all honesty now that I look back on it , maybe I was overly hopeful that the process would mirror , the ones seen on CSI and all those other TV crime programs or maybe it would just deter an impoverished drug addict from smashing my windows in traffic.

Anyway I waited for this to take place, after all we had all watched in horror and sometimes amusement as looters in the UK and US tore down shops and convenience stores carting away luxury items, electronics and whatever they could lay their hands own all in the name of rioting, and we watched in complete amusement as Scotland yard tracked down the culprits, gradually they were identified and arrested with the help of CCTV images…kids these days though.

The Descendant's Tale VI


The effect of not being at work for three weeks was beginning to tell on Nnamdi's finances, he had lost three contracts and was on the verge of losing another, his partners were worried and were threatening to end their business relationship if he did not turn things around, Nnamdi was short tempered, grumpy and at a loss on what to do .

Unlike his ancestor , Odibo’s family did not have any secluded store house where the other half could be found , they were clueless on the next step to take. His sister Mary had advised him to go see her parish priest with the gold found, she believed that if they prayed and poured holy water on the discovered golden egg their problems might go away.

Nnamdi was not in the mood to take chances, it was clear that this egg was stolen and had to be returned, there was no other way out. Staring at his early family pictures another emotion began to creep at Nnamdi’s skin, Grief and misery had arrived.

Odibo barged into Nnamdi’s flat two weeks after they had returned from the village bursting with energy, “Guy because you have a key to my flat doesn’t mean you can come in here any time” .
Nnamdi had rushed out of the shower with an iron thinking a thief or intruder had burst into his flat.
”ND first of all put some clothes on, I don’t want to see your ass first thing this morning" Odibo Chastised with a grin, " Second thing if I be thief na iron you for  use attack me,,mehnnn anyway I have thought about the way out?”
 Covering his privates with his hands Nnamdi went to put on his boxers whilst Odibo laid down his idea, 
“My company is sending me to port Harcourt to go and do some research on some minerals discovered near there, I figure I would use that opportunity and get to my village I have an idea where my namesake would have hid his own egg”
“where else the shrine, I asked my aunt if that shrine the dickhead built for that woman is still there and she said yes, its right there in my family compound”.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Looters of Public Funds to face the music very soon.

Everyone who knows the current president of Nigeria knows that he hates corrupt officials.
His critics and supporters alike realize that he gos after corrupt people, that is what he does best, but after resuming office things have been a bit slow in that direction , possibly because the President had a myriad of problems he inherited from his predecessor and the Nigerian Economy needed immediate attention.

Alas close the borders, seize their passports , things are now in motion to get to the next order of business, President Muhammadu Buhari, has revealed that Nigerians who have stolen from the nation’s coffers, will go on trial, in a matter of weeks.

Buhari moves against the Oil Cartel, set to bar importation of fuel by oil marketters, appoint himself Minister of Petroleum.

 Image result for buhari images

President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government has a few axes to grind  with some sectors in Nigeria, and with the way the government is going it is very clear they are hell bent on destroying the “oil cartel” that allegedly  exists in the Oil sector.

Act 1 the government is set to ensure that only the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) imports petroleum products.The CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele made this disclosure in an interview with Financial Times of London recently.

He said: “The president came on board and said that we will work very hard to reduce importation of petroleum products by ensuring that our refineries work. Our refineries are working now. Warri and Port Harcourt have started producing, they have not obtained the optimal capacity but they will. Kaduna refinery will start working this month.

Serena like you have never seen her.

Serena Williams is a 5 ft 9inches Black Amazon, she is literally one of the strongest Tennis players to have ever played the game, her sixteen year run in tennis  is, in the words of Sports Illustrated, “one of the most sustained careers of excellence in the history of athletics.”

Imagine my surprise when this picture surfaced proving that she is not only strong and powerful on the tennis court, the woman is also flexible…..(dang somewhere out there in the world a man is hyperventilating to these pics ).
 (New York Magazine)